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ok, what is going on with my car?

My gas mileage is 30mpg now. Before it used to be mid 30's

The thing is I took the car for major service and they even adjusted my valves( honda civic). My map display on my Scangauge 2 is at 4.2-4.7

Before it used to be 3.8-3.9 at idle. I know that the less the number the better the mpg. My car idles at 650~rpm.

Anyway if I take my car in they will say that there is no problem and the car should get low 30's. My engine light is not on, so I need to find the problem. What would make my MAP display jump up and stay there? I think that's what's causing it. The car runs fine, and it's definetly not the cat because I had it replaced last year.

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