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My uncle is a priest and one day he was walking in "civilian clothes" in the center of Warsaw when a a young man came up to him saying he needed money to survive, hasn't eaten in 5 days, etc. Normally my uncle would dismiss him and scores of others that do that everyday, but something told him the kid wasn't just trying to get easy money for alcohol or drugs. Instead of giving him money, my uncle stepped into a restaurant and told the boy he would pay for his meal.
He later told me that he's never seen anyone eat like that. The kid ate like he'd never had more than one mouthful of food on his plate at a time. I don't remember how the story ended, but it turned out the kid wasn't a junkie, but just had really bad luck for his whole life.

Some people need help, maybe if they see that there are others who want to help, they'll be able to do something with their life.
I never give money to beggers, but often see old ladies who do.
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