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I'll definitely have a followup once I'm back home. So far I'm liking it!


Nope, no blood sacrifices to the car gods; I'll have to try harder next time!

I'm ready to have a kill switch too; I've been wanting to do it for awhile, when I was mounting the hand throttle that seemed to be the perfect place for the switch. Now I've gotta follow through and figure out how and where to wire it in, and probably will have to get (read "buy") a relay. (the switch I bought 10 yrs ago for a project, and had sitting around, the rest was free) I've got a repair book with wiring diagrams, just gotta find the right place in the diagram (easy) and find that place on the car (maybe not so easy). The start switch should be no problem; even though I'll have to tear the inside apart, the 2nd time will be faster since it's familiar ground.

The plan right now has me headed to KC for the meet on the 27th, so you'll get to see it 1st hand.


I've never really liked the way cruise control worked, especially in vehicles with auto trans. When I'm driving a vehicle with cruise once I start getting into hills most of the time I'll turn the cruise off anyway to keep it from upshifting and/or going full throttle.
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