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Thanks Tango Charlie!!! Thank you, Blowncurtis! mcudogs, that means a lot to me! thank you!

Watt-a-mezz: Hmm... I think basically, you need to know how to solder, and that's it. You would basically need a heavy duty 150w (or so) soldering gun from like radio shack to get the mosfets/diodes/caps to stick to heavy copper PCB. They are around $30. If we could get some videos together that shows proper soldering technique, then I believe anyone that shows attention to detail can do it.

soldering the control section seems to me to be a potential problem for people. It would be really nice if we could get all the parts converted to surface mount, and then have a computer place the parts, and have it soldered with some weird wave soldering machine. Adamjb12 has a friend that works at a place that does that. Adam12bj? Adambj12? hehe. I forgot. I now know him as Adam.

Drilling and etching of power section can be done by CNC pretty quickly, so I don't see that as a major cost down the road. I'm going to get my mill converted to CNC to help with that eventually. If it doesn't eat up too much of my time, then I don't mind doing it very affordably.

It would be nice if people could do a bulk buy to drive prices down. I don't really want to set a price to make a controller. I would rather people work together with the parts they can do. Maybe whoever helps with whatever charges whatever they want, and if people don't want to pay that, then they go elsewhere? I don't know. My only goal is that a working freeway capable controller is made available as cheaply as possible, without eating up my family time. ya!

Royal: We definitely need to talk! That's awesome! Thank you!
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