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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
It would be really nice if we could get all the parts converted to surface mount, and then have a computer place the parts, and have it soldered with some weird wave soldering machine. Adamjb12 has a friend that works at a place that does that. Adam12bj? Adambj12? hehe. I forgot. I now know him as Adam.
hi Paul,

As I told before, I will have the board made at a chinese factory as soon as you update the files ... where are you at with the gerber ?!? And yes this factory does have a pick and place SMT so if you want to go surface mount this would be even better ...

As for now i work with what I have in hand... (BOM)

Here is an email quote from the chinese factory:

Please note that we can NOT find those parts in china:

>Common Mode Choke, 4mH 600mARN102-0.6-02
>Ultra-Fast Rectifier Diode, 200VSTTH2R02QRL
>Precision shunt reference, 2.5VLM4040D25ILP
>Optocoupler, high speed, high CMHCPL-4504-000E
>Isolated 12V-12V DC/DC ConverterEC4A02H

Replacement need to be found...

Also going trough the hole thread I read somewhere that you intend to add a RPM sensor in the future and maybe use RPM reading as triggers... Can I suggest to add a connector (+ solder pads as someone else suggested) with all Atmega I/O, GND & power to make this board upgradable... all future addons could be made on a different PCB...

For example, Right now I am building a generator with a 10hp induction motor.

Induction Motors as Generator

My commute is 50km/day to go to work but my hometown doesn't have much services and I have to go to the nearest city for grocery, Canadian tire, computer store, jiu jitsu class or any other specialised shop once a week or so... this ride is about 120-160km depending on the city chosen.

I want to put a switch for battery or hybrid operation and control the generator from the controller to deliver its power when needed... The connector would be very usefull for me... this way, Instead of building my own controller from yours, I could only add my addon PCB to the wiki and anyone could make their own if they wanted to...

In a short while i bet there would be many boards made to control what ever ppls can think of...

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