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blowncurtis: You can make your own from the Rev 2C schematic! I need to upload the new schematic that has a couple fixes like a change in resistor value and a new cap, etc.

Hey patx! That's a good idea. I'm short on time these days, and it will take me a while to finish converting the layout to ExpressPCB, at which time I can add whatever routes and solder pads and stuff like that. In fact, I'm certainly no expert at that. Just because this thread is called Paul & Sabrina's ..., doesn't mean I know anything about anything! hehe. Let's delegate:

If anyone wants to learn ExpressPCB (which is free, has no size limits, and is pretty easy to use), they could convert the layout that is in PDF form to ExpressPCB layout format. Basically, all a person would have to do is look at the picture of the top and bottom layout in the PDF of revision 2C, and copy it to ExpressPCB. The 6 pin thing for serial programming would need to be mirrored (there was an error) but that's no big deal. Then people can add whatever changes people want to add. The software is here:
kits and boards

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