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I hope she mentions ecomodder as it would be great to see some local people get interested in what we're doing here. Plus, it would be good to have some people near me to build up a group of people interested in hypermiling. I've been wanting to find time to go to some of the meetups guys on here have visited but all of them are quite far or I didn't have the time.

The 2010 Prius is due to hit my local Toyota dealership in the next two weeks and I'm planning to visit them this weekend. I've spoken with their head guy over there a couple times and I'm going to pitch to him being an independent source they can use to help sell cars. Maybe a "if you're not sure about the car go visit this guy...he drives a Prius and can show you how to get the best mileage out of this car and can give you a detailed overview of the car if you're not sure about buying it today." I know they don't want to let people off their lots without buying a car but it might be a way for them to keep someone interested that is def not going to buy a car that day.

It's worth a shot and might help me build my business back up from last Fall when I casually started Super Commuter Driving Instruction. I probably had a dozen customers last fall and it paid for my Scanguage II plus a little extra. Another good run this summer and fall might be helped by the article coming out in a couple weeks and a connection with the Toyota dealer. Not bad to make a couple extra bucks just for doing what I enjoy!
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