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I don't see why someone other than Paul cannot write up the assembly instructions to post on the wiki.

It seems to me that the first few guinea pigs that are building the controller could easily document every step as they build. Maybe have a seperate assembly thread??? Paul will undoubtedly be answering questions as the first few go together anyway. If each initial builder took the time to post each step they take as they go, and snap lots of pictures and video, the first draft of the assembly instructions would take shape quickly. It would simply be a matter of cleaning up the text to post in the wiki.

I have little doubt that as the controller design matures and more people build it, that the assembly instructions will be refined and improved.

No need to make Paul do all that documentation work. Let Paul keep doing what he's doing. (and doing it very well, I might add.) Besides, the instructions might be better if they are written from the perspective of someone seeing the parts and layout for the first time. Fresh eyes will more easily see all the simplistic nitty gritty details that Paul can now do in his sleep. (When else does Paul get the chance to sleep?... Does he sleep???)

Just a thought.
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