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Yo, Slurry! What's up!
I like your idea. There's certain stuff that I'm really not good at, like posting things! hehe. Whether it's SVN, or websites, or who knows what. My all time favorite thing RELATING TO CONTROLLERS!!!!!!!! is to program and try new stuff on the controller. Next is drilling holes and etching, next is figuring out how to assemble stuff. Other than that, I hate doing everything else! hahaha! I always forget to take pictures. I get sort of on a roll.

I forgot, my most favorite thing is going to the store and buying the wrong length of bolt 3 different times for Adrian's controller. What? That's not my favorite part! What am I saying!

In fact, I need to go buy some bolts now. Tacoma Screw has free donuts on Fridays, so I always try to do my purchases then.

EDIT: THANKS, SLURRY! working on controllers is actually way down the list of life enjoyments.
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