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I hope they dont mind me posting my build here even though im on the car stage still and not on the EV side of it.... But with regards to storage, i dont think it will add that much, since im hosting my own images, and with regards to traffic, you are my third subscribber so far.... hahaha... Im so popular....

Well, lets continue... while i was working on my car, I already ordered the parts to create my own coupler. So I bought a used clutch disc from a swap meet for 5 bucks. And went here to buy the sprocket from. Since I know my shaft size which is 1-1/8" the next deciding factor is for the outside diameter. I chose this one since I got the idea from here in the first place but did not anticipated that the outside diameter he used is big for what i need. Well if your building a similar project like mine then you can use a smaller outside diameter sprocket.

And since I dont have drill press and probably wont be able to drill the sprocket like LEMON did, I decided to just weld it like this...

and now it looks like this....

Im a bit worried since there is a play between the sprocket and the clutch, this might pose a porblem in the future... we will see... For now, we will stick with this one.


Parting out my EV.
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