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Let me introduce you the uglyback...

A couple months ago I rebuild the rear wheel skirts, but this time I used coroplast. As they are identical to the carboard version, no picture are available except that they are present in the first 3 following pictures.

Finally I did an uglyback (I will not use a more usual term to not disturb the German aerodynamicist Wunibald Kamm).
Here are 3 pictures from the exterior :
  • from the side :
  • from the rear side :
  • from the rear :

I don't know if I should close the triangle holes at both sides.

The 2 vertical parts at the rear are caught by the hatch, which participates to secure it with all the "power tape" used.

The uglyback has been conceived to permit to open the hatch :

First I drove in the neighborhood to verify that under 50 km/h (30 mph) the uglyback stayed in place. Then I drove a couple km in city and a couple hundred meters at 70 km/h (43 mph). I stopped and inspected it, but saw nothing alarming.
Then I drove several km in my usual way : P&G (engine on) at 70-80 km/h (43-50 mph) and inspected it again without seeing anything.
I finished the day by driving several dozen of km (20+ miles). Noticeably I went shopping to try to find a hubcap to replace the one I lost last week... but I was unsuccessful.

Quickly my butt-o-meter told me that the car was coasting longer, but I couldn't verify it really. As it was raining from time to time I had the wiper blades. Also as the rear view is partially blocked (more about that next week...) I unfolded the passenger mirror to comply to French law to have 2 unobstructed mirrors. In several parts of the road I drive daily, I was overspeed today where I'm not usually...

During the driving today, a lot of people were looking at the uglyback. I never had so much looks with the grill blocks or the rear wheel skirts. Some broke their neck while they were passing me. I even saw someone taking my car in picture with his phone while he was driving...

Since several weeks I want to have some road sign drawn on the car has some trucks have. Back home I made a few little drawing directly on the uglyback :
The arrow should be white in a blue circle, but thought about it after the arrow was drawn in red.

Before mid-july megane will have to pass a technical inspection, so I'll have to remove the aero-helps. I hope I'll be able to use that occasion to make a A+/A/A-/B (from more to less aero-helps) coast down testing.

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