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Angry Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr................

Alright, I reset my trip meter and refilled my tank.
since then I've been hypermilling and right now (1/2 tank, 250mi) i've apparently almost doubled my MPG. (i usually have to refill around 200 or 250)

But i spend longer on the road.
This means there are more chances for me to get pulled over.
I refilled my tank and began hypermilling on Tuesday afternoon.
I've been pulled over 4 times.
1 - headlight
2 - dirty license plate
3 - driving funny ("how much did you have to drink tonight?")
4 - TICKET: "Unsafe Vehicle" (back bumper messed up)

the problems is that although i live in a fairly 'normal' part of town, i work in Scottsdale - a very snotty side of town. If your car so much as has a dent then you'll get pulled over for suspicion of drugs or something.

And I'm driving skuttlebutt. (problems posted here:

so now, although i saved probably $40 in gas, I'm going to be out $116 for the fine.

The ironic thing is if i was driving "Normal" then i wouldn't of gotten pulled over.

Thanks for letting me rant.

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