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Thanks for your insightful comments. At 65 mph, my car pulls about 100-110 amps. My commute is 50 minutes each way. The last 6 miles coming home at night entails a 1700-ft. climb (of course 1700 ft down in the morning). So I'm hoping that the smaller (60Ah) pack will supply about 30A on average and the larger (200Ah) pack will supply 70A.

Once at work, I'd like to turn the controller's current current limit down to about 20A and leave the 200Ah pack charging the smaller pack for about 1 hour, putting 20 Ah back into it. This will give the smaller pack some extra energy to supply for the 1700-ft climb at the end.

So when I finally reach home at night, the 200Ah pack should have supplied 160Ah, about 80% DOD. The 60Ah pack will have supplied 50A on the way home, so also be at about 80% DOD. This is assuming an hour commute each way. With a 50-minute commute, I'm hoping the DOD will be a little less, maybe 70%-75%.

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