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Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
It really shouldn't take very long.. a few start ups and drives.

Your MAP sensor could be going out. I don't know how much one is, but you could test it with a multimeter.

They replaced the O2 sensor right?

Also, maybe it so happens that they DIDN'T disconnect the battery. Highly unlikely, but, there is many cases where say, you had a big hole in your exhaust and drove on it like that for a long time, and then replaced it, but didn't reset your ECU/PCM It will continue to run on the old settings. Resetting the Computer has fixed problems like this before.

So maybe you could try disconnecting the battery for about 15 min, with about 100 miles before the next fill up and drive until you need to, well, fill up and see how it fares next tank.
You know I had a crack in my header and they replaced it last year. I doubt they reset the ecu.

I'll reset the ecu and see what happens.
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