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B-B Railway

Originally Posted by Bicycle Bob View Post
The fighting in WW I began between Britain and Germany over the imminent completion of the Berlin-Baghdad railway, which would have hauled tanks of oil to Germany. The assassination of the Arch-Duke just brought in everybody's allies.
That's a good one Bob.I hadn't ever heard about it 'til a few years ago.Around 1911,Germany sailed an oil-fired battleship to England.It took the British Admiralty about a nano-second to deduce the length of time the Germans could "oil" a battleship,compared to "coaling" H.M.S.' best.Lawrence of Arabia and Winston Churchill were early players in the Persian Gulf arena,paving the way for British access to petroleum,something Rommel would later lament about in N.Africa.Oil and rubber cost Germany two world wars.-------- Today we have the Baghdad to Landfill Armada.Persian Gulf crude is brought over to make plastics we can bury in the US.Strategic Trash.That,or just burn it.
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