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Originally Posted by LeanBurninating View Post
Im putting mine together now but I don't know what number values I should be measuring, or how to hook it up..

I think if I just leave it at 0-5v it will work but I would rather be more specific. Do you think the honda insight uses the same wideband 02 sensor as my 98 hx? I know the insight goes leaner than the hx, so the number values will be different but can I at least follow the wiring diagrams do you think?

LeanBurninating --The input for the voltage monitor would go to IP+ ( pump cell ) wire on your ecu. On the vx this would be D14 on the Hx I really don't know best to get the wiring diagram and look for IP+ or pump cell control . Also 0-5v would be the one to use and then adjust the pots so you get the lights you want for lean and rich. Don't be to alarmed if after first hooking it up you have no lights until the engine is running for a few seconds or up to a minute if it is really cold out.
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