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watt! Power board is one with mosfets! ya! There are separate little connectors for the 2 PB-6 Pot wires. It's all good! And it doesn't matter which one you plug into which one. I have M- coming out the back, and B- and B+ coming out the front because of 2 reasons:

1. universal path length - Let's say you are an electron of electricity. Let's say you travel through the mosfet closest to the B- bar beginning (where the lug is attached) to the M- bar, and then all the way to the motor. That's nice.
Now let's say, you are an electron that travels all the way down B- to the mosfet furthest from the B- lug. You now go through the mosfet and are now on M-. Now you only have a tiny distance to travel to get to the motor.
Same distance! ya!

2. I don't have to cut the bus bars in any tricky way. I just take
3/4"x3/16"xLENGTH bus bars, drill holes in them, and attach them to the power section PCB. If they all came out the same side, they would be really close to each other. That's bad! ya!

I tried to salvage a copper heat spreader from the blown up controller, but all the old holes are in the wrong spots, so I decided to see if we can take $30 off the cost of a controller. I bought an aluminum heat spreader ($5.69) with the same dimensions, and just finished drilling all the dang holes in it. That will be Ben's heat spreader. I'm interested to see how it fares compared to the copper heat spreaders ($38 I think) that Joe and Adrian have. Also, I'm trying 16 of the old capacitors in Ben's controller. I think that will still be plenty. His will be a hair on the budget side. hehe. But if it works just fine, then we can drop the price down for parts by like $45 or $50 for everyone! Thanks for taking one for the team, Ben! haha!

Here's a direct link to the interview, not through facebook:
Evcast #246 ReVolting!
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