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Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
Yep, you read it right...

On the '06 TSX this hot evening, we made a stop while I waited in the car for my Wife to run into the store. Instead of leaving the engine running, I used the recirc and fan from the stored A/C charge and shut down the engine.

5 minutes or so later -- flat battery. The indicator eye was cloudy which designates "Charge Required". We got a jump and headed home.

Here's the best part: we made the short drive home and the eye is now red -- "Distilled Water Required". There are little X's where it looks like you add water, but there's a big sticker covering most of the top that says "sealed battery" except for small holes in the sticker for the X's

So apparently it isn't? I'm confused. It's the stock Panasonic "Maintenance Free Battery" with about 3-4 years / 48,000 miles on it.

So now it requires maintenance or replacement. Is it worth peeling the sticker away to see if it's possible, and add distilled water? Since it's my Wife's ride, I'd hate to screw it up and have her stuck somewhere -- or burn up the alternator.

Ok, so back in the late 70's there was this "idiot light" epidemic, where cars would lose oil pressure, but the light wouldn't come on until the pressure was below 2 PSI... meaning that when the light came on, it was already too late, in most cases.

That little "eye" in your battery... consider it a 70's idiot light. Just replace the battery, and save yourself problems down the road.

Alternatively, yes, I'm sure you can add water to the battery. I've done it before, it's a pain, but you can do it. It's not necessarily the best thing to do, but it might "get you home" until you can get another battery, if money's tight or you're out of town or something.
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