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Originally Posted by Intrigued View Post
Hey, I have a dozen or so relays sitting around somewhere! (I NEVER throw anything away... )

...must make note to self to dig out a couple of relays...

I'm with you on the cruise control kicking down the tranny a couple of gears and going full-throttle. Had mine do that as I passed by a Highway Patrolman once...

...must make note to self to dig out a couple of relays...
Sweet! I'm thinking It'll need to be a Double Pole relay: where it has a live contact when it's closed, as well as when it's open, since it looks like I'll only want to break the circuit I'm cutting into during the short times I push the "kill switch" and energize the relay.

Hey, don't forget to make a note to yourself to dig out a couple of relays

I don't throw anything away either (as evidenced by the 10 yr old switch) and find it hard to resist rescuing something that someone else is throwing away. Kind of funny, at work I've been helping replace the HVAC controllers in one of the buildings and running new wire between them. The only reason I haven't brought that old wire home with me is because I still have the large majority of the wire I took home from the LAST time I helped rewire that same building's HVAC controllers!
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