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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
There are actually some Honda OEM bass tube enclosures for the back made especially to fit in gap the CRX has behind the rear speakers...

I would need to use round speakers but do you think they would do a good job?

Depends on what it's made of on the inside. MDF? probably. just plastic? Not hardly.

Round speakers aren't bad at all if they are at least 6". We're gonna have a problem though if they aren't as far as bass production goes. 5" speakers that aren't only woofers aren't gonna make the deep lows you want.

seriously, if you are looking for good bass. atleast 6" speakers. 6 1/2's are the most common round speakers, then it's 6 3/4", followed by 6" as for ovals, most common are probably 6x9's, followed by 6x8's.

once again. How much do you want to spend? Your cheap and my cheap are at different levels, because even a simple car audio system can be pricey to first timer's.

Actually, If you don't mind getting laughed at by your friends, or any person into car audio, You could go to wal-mart and pick up some form of Roadmaster Megasound speakers. I knew someone who had them, and while I laughed at them all the while, I couldn't help but give the speakers props for being $20 and putting out enough bass to punch you in the back.

And since Wal-mart is discontinuing the roadmaster brand, most of the stuff is on clearance! The speakers, for their price, aren't really bad at all actually. Compared to any Alpine, Kenwood, JL audio, or Kicker speakers they're nothing, but you can't pick up a pair of any of those brands for $20. The speakers below are $20, and you get both speakers! haha. They, I find it hard to say, put out a decent amount of bass, and match perfectly to almost every aftermarket HU (each enclosure is rated at 20wRMS).

I myself would not buy them, but I have a high standard for audio. I can't lie though, for $20 they are good for experimenting!

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