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small pickup engine swap for better mpg?

Hi all,
I've been doing some searching for examples of small pickup trucks that have had a more efficient engine swapped into them, with no luck. I need a small pickup in the worst way, but my options here in Puerto Rico are limited due to money and availability. The newer ones from the mid-80's to the present are awful on fuel economy; I'd do just as well with a bigger truck with a 6-cylinder. The older ones that had much better economy like the Chevy LUV, etc. are very rare, and if there is one for sale it is either an extreme rust/bondo joke or extremely expensive. Are there any real-life examples of a small pickup having a different motor swapped into it for better fuel economy, like maybe a Honda 1.3 liter or Suzuki 1.0 liter. I know it sounds crazy and probably underpowered for a truck, but with a manual trannsmission it wouldn't be too bad I don't think. I guess the greatest challenge would be the front-wheel drive issue, since all trucks are rear-wheel drive.

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