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Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
Bummer. I figured it was time for replacement. Less than 4 years kinda stinks for a failure rate. I guess it's par anymore.

The one in Teggy is up to 7 years and almost 80K miles with EOC and other general abuse. If I can only find one like that again...


EDIT: RMay -- It didn't really give any warning. It sounded slow to start after sitting for a couple days, but that's the ol' "Butt Dyno" talking. I miss full gauge packages with a voltmeter or even the option to cycle through an electronic menu. At least it has a timer (because I use that every trip -- right) The SGII's on the other car. I just checked the darn thing a few weeks ago and the eye was fine, but it got really hot pretty quickly today. Season High today: 95F / Current = 83F; Dew Point 74F, RH 74%.

I might put a voltmeter across it and see where it stands. I'm not sure where to find EDTA over-the-counter...
I've found it of all places at the health food store, but trust me you want to buy it elsewhere. JC Whitney might have it add the 10-20% off with free shipping and it might be doable.

There is also the china battery depot stuff, it works fine and is relatively cheap off ebay, I can't say how LONG your battery will work after using it though. My fathers Miles ZX40 has a set of them treated, they work OK but don't have as much capacity as they should though they at least WORK now.

And of coarse if you don't want to spend much you could just add epsom salts mixed with hot distilled water to fill the batteries, you could then also have a nice relaxing epsom salt bath afterword. Epsom salts mixed in water added to a battery do tend to bring them back if they are in OK shape. (after a nice long overcharge on a dumb battery charger anyway) Only trouble is your battery will self discharge quicker if you leave the car set for extended periods.

If nothing else you will have a spare battery after all this which isn't a bad idea anyway with the way batteries are made now, my fathers walland battery in the buick lasted through 2 summers and one winter before dying hard.

Ah well.
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