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Originally Posted by MazdaMatt View Post
*sigh*... beautiful

O it is, Isnt it. I love watching a project come to life right in front of you.

Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Very nice, looks like a couple motion conservation optimizations are yet possible on the cuts (like around 3:40, cut a 33% square wave all the way across in one direction and fill in the remaining corner cuts on the reverse direction), but an inspirational bit of automation there certainly

Yes, I wasnt happy about the amount of time wasted in the cuts there, but I wanted to get these back to Paul as quick as possible. I am working now on optimizing the code to run as efficient as possible.

As for the 33% square wave you talk about, I have no idea what you mean. LOL Could you explain some more?

Originally Posted by JayC View Post
Nice job. What weight of copper clad is that and where did you buy it?

This is the 3oz stuff Paul is using for the boards. I got it from him. Ive made 2 of these. They are going to be the other 2 Beta controllers. Im sending them back to him today. 2 day mail. They will be there Wednesday so he can get going on them.

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