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Lightbulb Government 4500 cash for clunkers.. what to get

OK folks the wife's aging mini van qualifies for this bill, the government will give me $4500 of my stolen tax money back when I upgrade to a new fuel efficient car.. see - CARS - Car Allowance Rebate System

I want to make our investment as little as posable and stretch this money as much as posable, we will run this car into the ground .. as we do with most cars we own..

So my choices are the Kia Rio , the Nissan Versa , the Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris.. all four doors.. The honda fit is nice but a bit to rich for my blood.

The Honda fit is a bit to high of a price.. we'd like to stay under $13,000 Ideally the less the better..

We owned a 2002 Accent base model, and sold it to a friend when we had a kid, it was a 2 door.. not ideal for infants.. We did like that car.. was small but comfortable and efficient.

Were talking a base model car here not even air is needed as a option.. the Versa looks like it takes areo mods really well, and if we can find a base model , were talking 5500 bucks for a new car for the versa..

However the Hyundai and Rio's are tempting since they warranty the drive train for 10/100.. And surprisingly the Hyundai and Rio are rated up there with toyota for reliability now.

Your thoughts and ideas? Did I miss any sub 13k cars on the market?

P.S. the Areo-CRX is still going strong.. Im redoing the nose.. snow drifts and curbs got the best of it this winter..


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