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My roommate drives 2009 Yaris, no mods. Him and I competed a month ago on a road trip to see who would get the best mileage. I came in at 48 mpg (all highway miles). He does have a Scangauge though.

From my experience he has had no issues with it, and it is well built.

If you are willing to pony up more the Honda Insight is rated at like 42 mpg stock but that most test drivers see 50+ mpg without really trying. The Jetta TDI is a superb car that is rated at 58 mpg if you dont mind getting diesel gas (could brew biodiesel as well!)

Rough base prices (not looking these up)

Yaris: 12.9k
Insight: 19k
Jetta TDI: 22k

If I was to buy a car right now, I personally would get a TDI. But alas I am poor and refuse to buy a new car until a suitable electric, or perhaps series hybrid is available.

Goodluck, and I hope you and your wife enjoy whatever you get!
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