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Originally Posted by Blue Bomber Man View Post

If I was to buy a car right now, I personally would get a TDI. But alas I am poor and refuse to buy a new car until a suitable electric, or perhaps series hybrid is available.

Goodluck, and I hope you and your wife enjoy whatever you get!
YEah Id love a diesel, so would my wife, we actually had a old benz diesel.. but even at 17k with the 4500 discount , the payments arn't to my liking were trying to get free of debt.. instead of create more, but this is a no brainer as the van is rusting badly in the unibody and there is no way in heck we would ever get 4500 for it as a trade in on any car.. more like 1000-1300 if we were lucky. we only paid 2k for it years ago so were going to make out like a bandit.

It's very tempting however, as Im a diesel/veggie nut, I have a truck on veg.. The Honda Fit is also tempting since hondas usually are very very very reliable..

In reality we could afford allot more but were looking at this as a way to gain a crap-load of equity (if you can say that about cars ever) and get better MPG for little cost to us.

Basically this is a chance to get a 100% new car for the cost of a 3 year old car.. because we'd mostly likely have to replace this one soon anyway. and would end up buying a used subcompact anyway..

If Obama wants to pay me $4500 for a $1000 car.. if I get a fuel efficient one.. he's a fool, but ill take that deal..

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