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Originally Posted by Intrigued View Post
Hugh Jim: DPDT relay, complete with schematic impressed into the case, IN HAND!!!
Oops, I meant I need a double throw, probably only need single pole, but better to have a double and need a single, rather than the other way round!

Schematic on the case?!? What are you trying to do, spoil me?!?

Anything I can bring you in exchange?

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
...speed matching my upshifts and downshifts.
I've tried this on most of the manual trans cars I've owned, and never been all that good at matching the speeds with the throttle. I did have an 89? Dodge Shadow that I didn't need to manually match speeds: just give the stick a touch of pressure and get the engine headed in the right direction. When the gear and engine speeds met it'd drop right into gear with no grinding. I could do that in some of my other cars (all Toyotas) with some degree of success, but it was too easy for them to grind if I didn't do it right, so I just didn't do it. Guess I got spoiled by the Shadow's transmission since it was my 2nd car, and I think the first in which I tried clutchless shifting.

That was one of the two things I missed when I upgraded from that car: the other was it was a hatchback (masquerading as a sedan). Looked just like a sedan, but the trunk lid and back glass were connected and hinged at the top of the glass. So easy to load my bike.

Oh, to return to the topic of the thread, the hand throttle has been working good. No problems shifting with the cup holder out. However, when I have some time I definitely want to work out a clutch/brake cancel, and "gear it down" for more sensitivity. As it is, I've taken to keeping a hand on it when I'm using it to make sure I don't forget to shut it off when I need to slow down. It's also a bit hard to pick and set a speed (though a lot of that is due to the highway being very inconsistent in slope).

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