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Originally Posted by alohaspirit View Post
What about the cars in minor fender benders or were stolen for a 20 hour joyride.

Insurance companies write them off as salvage to reduce their fees.

Yet they are perfectly driveable?

So, if its salvage, working great and a few Ks off the price, why not buy it?

Has anyone done it, and is there a difference in insurance cost?
I would argue cut the price in half or less and it may be a deal, salvage title stays with the car forever bighting you in the arse.

And I would strongly 2nd TimJFowler a lot of research is need because all sorts of odd things happen when its salvage, sometimes including the original owner wanting the car back and trouble getting around the DMV.

Its always tough even with a so called carfax to know the real reason something ends up salvage and that risk deserves a very strong reduction in price for the hassles in buying, titling and obviously if you ever want to sell.

My father had a salvage vehicle years ago but he never planned on selling and it worked out OK till we junked it years later. It always did have some odd problems that were never worked out.

Good Luck
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