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YEah the honda really makes me itch.. the fit is a very nice machine.. The one equipment for the rebate to get the full 4500 is it must get a epa combined average of 10mpg more, so it needs a epa average of 28 or more to work for out epa average 18mpg minivan.

Most will meat these requirements in the sub compact class..

The wife and I discussed this in depth tonight, were going to take a trip to check out the honda nissan toyota hyundai and kia offerings this weekend .. we may check out the chevy Aveo, but I have mainly heard bad stuff about them.. (plus I'm not to fond of buying a car from a company that totally bankrupt, ford isn't priced aggressively enough.. crysler, bankrupt and they dont have a model that will average 28mpg epa average.

Then again these car sales places may be really itching for sales now.. well see what they do.. when we offer them our business.

We know the lowest cost vehicle is going to be the Versa, were going to to start there and work our way up to the honda and compare them to that and see what we like better as we go up the ladder, We have always preferred the "base" model cars over the decked out ones.. less to go wrong and usually easier to do our own maintenance etc.. Even my colorado pickup truck has the rubber work truck floor..

We recently drove some higher class cars, like the Mercury Milan for a extended period of time, CHevy cobalt etc, it was a nice roomy car, drove well and got better than expected milage for its size, but wasn't worth 23k+

As for the honda fit , were going to check that out and hold the rest to that standard.. hardest part is comparing apples to apples , most dealerships don't stock base models with little to no options.. and thats what were looking for. We'll see what we can find.

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