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I'm going to try to put the tin plating on the bus bars and pcbs when they arrive. I'm sorry, Adrian! I tried to mail some of the tin salts stuff that you dissolve in hot water that tins the metal, but the shipping people were really worried that it wouldn't make it through customs, since it was just in 2 separate plastic bags. Oh no! Crack Cocaine! haha!

It would be nice to figure out a good safe way to get the bus bars soldered to the PCB (but not too hot!) so the silver conductive epoxy wouldn't be necessary. That crap is expensive! Any cheap easy suggestions to not let it get too hot, but hot enough for solder? Once it's tinned, I think the solder will spread out nicely. Could there maybe be a hot thingy that you attach to one end that slowly heats the whole bar to solder temperature. I think it would be good if the bar was already bolted before soldering, to make sure it was nice and tight against the pcb. However, then the pcb would act as a heat sink. How tough is that glue that keeps the PCB together?

Today, I cut some of the other bus bars, and smoothed out the holes in everything so there would be good contact. Adrian will have to do that with his too (well, if he wants! hehe. He can do whatever the heck he wants!).

Here's some of the smoothing process.

ghetto superstar! That is what you are:

This is necessary, because copper gets sort of hot and stretchy sometimes:

My dog died with a sausage in her mouth from breakfast:
Note: She's not dead in this picture. That's how she used to sleep. Her name was doggie. I put her on here by accident, because she's the same color as a bus bar, so I got confused.
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