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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Actually, it's 2-3 days by hand including drilling holes. I need lots of breaks so I don't get sloppy.

DCB: The economy of motion issues come from the fact of making it easier to do it that way by hand. Also, the paths should be changed a bit. I chose them so that everything was a multiple of a half crank on the mill. That's not quite optimal.

Also, my mill has some slop, so I try to only go from up to down, and left to right to avoid any gear slop. (It's sort of hard to explain)

JayC: Ebay for 3 ounce copper.
Yes gear slop does suck! I was using an old and a bit sloppy lathe at work to make my custom DE plate for my motor and at certain points on some cuts, the cross cut feed would shift over 20 thousands as the force vectors changed on the bit.

It was cool watching the automated mill; the things I could do with something like that.

Paul a while back I mentioned heating those bus bars up on a gas stove, but if you are concerned about over heating them, I am thinking that an electric hot plate would be more controllable; by electric hot plate I am referring to the cooking kind, as apposed to a warmer, and preferably one of the ones with a flat metal surface for the burner. (probably an antique item at this point) but something like that would due.

Some of them only have a few heat settings, but a high power light dimmer would give you a very precise control over the temperature.

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