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John! Those are some awesome ideas! I'm going to look at that stuff! Thank you! It is fun, isn't it?

I just finished Ben's bus bar drilling and smoothing. The PCBs should be here tomorrow, so in the interest of time, I'm just going to tin plate and conductive silver epoxy this batch since I already have the stuff, and I want to get those things out like yesterday! Then I'll probably order the fancier stuff for the next controller(s). You can't beat silver!

I made the 2.75" bolts into flat head screws with a dremel, since it cuts down on the machining of the aluminum baseplate, and they evidently don't sell 2.75" machine screws! jerks! That way you don't need room for a socket wrench. Sorry Adrian! I didn't think if it at the time! Oh crap! I need to take care of finishing the drilling for the aluminum base plate for both ben's and Joe's. Ben's is different since the Ebay guy sent the wrong length on accident (not enough for 3 baseplates), so I'm using a previous heatsink, with a different width for Ben's. Oh man. details details!
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