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Even at gas at a insane $10 a gallon it would take 2 years to make up the added $10,000 of a hybrid. At the highs of last year.. at 4 a gallon.. were talking 100,000 miles worth of gas.. 5 years at 20k miles a year... at todays prices of 2.60 a gallon were talking 7-8 years.. to pay for that extra 10k to get a hybrid... Hybrids are nice but unless your driving 30-40k a year.. they still don't add up..
yay! someone else that can do the math... I forget who I always quote "A Hybred is an economy car for people who can't do math"

Until the "bill" includes: $4500, and a government subsidized car loan... I'll stick with my beat up 30+mpg rabbit

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