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Hey Ben! Well, it turns out that Ben's is too different. I didn't think I could make it work well. It already had holes in the wrong spots, and it was the wrong dimensions. Hondo finished the enclosures and shipped them today, so I ordered another 0.375"x7.8"x37" aluminum plate from Ebay, thanks to those donations! I also picked up the 5/16" brass bolts and nuts. I wimped out on the copper heat spreader (went with aluminum). Should I buy 16 of the larger 820uF capacitors? I don't know. I have 16 of the 470uF caps that might be OK. Kelly uses thirteen 330uF caps in their 144v controller (hehe, let's be like Kelly). I don't have the $54.72 + shipping to get the 820uF ones.

I have $13.01 in the paypal from donations right now. Should Ben's really be an experiment in frugality? Or should I wait until I get enough for it? Or if anyone wants to pay the balance, I could send them the $13.01 and they could order the caps from Digikey and have them shipped here. I just don't want Ben's to blow up! He's showing that car off all over the place!

Watt: You can give it any voltage you want, from 0v up to 144v, with no modifications. The only way the controller will be physically smaller is if the current rating is lower (fewer mosfets then).
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