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Tire size vs. hub width and weight limits

I still have some time before getting new tires (both sets are relatively new, and with my driving that won't change much), but I'm starting to research the option so that I'm ready when it's time.
Peugeot suggests two tire sizes for its 307 model: 195/65R15 and 205/65R15. I bought the car with 195/65R15 summer tires, for winter I bought 185/65R15. My hub size is 6x15". I read somewhere about suggested hub width for certain tire sizes and it said that for 185/65R15 tires the suggested hub is 5.5", but 4.5"-6.0" is still acceptable. I looked around for 5.5x15" hubs, but no luck. Only PSA (Peugeot and Citroen) uses the 4x108mm bolt pattern, which makes finding less-standard sizes almost impossible. Does seating a 185/65R15 tire on a 6" hub and on a 5.5" hub make any difference?

When the time finally comes to replace the summer tires, I would like a low RR set, maybe even narrower than 185/65R15. This is where the real problems start. First, a 175mm-wide tire probably shouldn't sit on a 6" hub.
Second, as the tire gets narrower, it should get taller, but the only 175/80R15's I can find here are for 4x4's and delivery vans, no LRR's To get a larger diameter I could get 16" hubs and tires, but the trend is usually wide tires on large rims, so getting something narrow may be hard.
Third, narrower tires usually have lower max psi (44 instead of my 51).
Fourth, narrower tires have a lower weight limit. I must be cautious with this, since my car weights 1.5 tonnes, and has a max of 2 tonnes. That's at least 500kg on each corner, but the weight isn't always evenly distributed. My winter 185/65R15 tires have a weight limit of 560kg, so I probably come close to that in the rear when carrying cargo.

So any suggestions? Should I just look for LRR 185/65R15's, or something else?


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