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intake tuning

Originally Posted by Daox View Post
Well, yes, you want to neck down far before the throttle body. You want a smaller pipe connected to the throttle body for increased low rpm torque, and you want to adjust its length to play with the torque a bit too. But, before that, just use a large pipe. I don't see any problems with using aluminum dryer ducting like others have.
As an old hot rodder it has always been my understanding the only part of the intake that has much effect on power and torque is the length and diameter between the intake valve and the plenum where all the ports merge. (Has anyone seen the old long ram intake that Chrysler put on their performance cars in the mid 60's. They had very long individual ports that crossed the motor and joined in plenums over each rocker cover where the carbureters were mounted) That length could be altered on a motor with a two piece intake by putting a spacer between them. The distance from the plenum to the throttle body might have a very small effect. Beyond that point your only goal is to reduce restrictions to maximize air flow. I don't think that putting some baffles around the intake manifolds to direct warm air to the air cleaner would increase air flow restrictions because the surface area of the manifolds and therefore ths size of the baffles would be much larger than the area of your air cleaner intake.
I am curious if anyone has taken air flow reading comparisons of the air flow restrictions of different size throttle bodys at low lthrottle openings?
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