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Diesel expense

Green is now becoming trendy. Unfortunatley people respond to bling. The general public does anyway. So companies resort to blinging things and making them shiney.

Have you guys noticed how expensive VW Rabbits have become? Especially the diesel rabbits?

Its insane. Spend $7,000 on a vehicle to save you $2,000 in fuel.

A few years ago you could pick one up for $500 or under.

I aggree with some of the marketing tactics, but how long before we end up making this, an necessary enviromental green initiative, a cost prohibitive adventure? Anything greeen becomes affordable only by the Hiltons of the world.

How about dumpster diving tax or a fart tax? Governments in the future spend $13.6 billion in methane sensors, we could fine farm animals, the entire country of New Zealand for their sheep and flatulent people who eat a lot of Mexican food.

I don't know. Perhaps I'm being paranoid and peaved at nothing. I'm just suspicious. The fat cats will make money somehow.

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