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Originally Posted by jonEmetro View Post
Back to manual trans. real quick. I swapped in the tall 3.5-1 trans. in my metro and have little engine braking in 5th gear and speeds of under say 45mph. So this question is model/drivetrain specific.
If you have little engine braking, chances are that you're not in DFCO. DFCO never occurs within something like 500 RPM of the preset idle speed, as there is too much chance for false input and the engine stalling as a result.

You're still better off to coast in neutral than with the clutch down, except that in neutral, you may be breaking some law somewhere...

I've never personally had a throwout bearing explode on me, but I've seen what happens when they do... I bought a car for $200 because one exploded, and the clutch disk also exploded, leaving only a thin sheet of metal between the flywheel and pressure plate, and ceramic dust all over the place inside the bell housing.
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