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Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
well. If you are buying from Crutch field they pretty much give you whatever you need. The wiring harness comes free from them.

So what do you want exactly? Built in ipod and blue tooth?

The link you posted won't work because you have to put it all in manually, happens for pretty much any website like that.

If you are wanting both Bluetooth AND Ipod controls built in, we're talking much more expensive.

If you're not going to be throwing subs, external amps, or anything, then yea, That dual will probably suit you just fine. I had a friend with one, and we both agreed that dual head units are, "OK, but eh, I'd like something better" Head units. If your just looking for an upgrade, that seems fine. He had the dual for a few months, but after a while he got tired of its limits (mostly lack of electronic crossovers, and lack of the ability to mess with the curve of the sound) and got much more elaborate head unit. It was either a high end Pioneer or a high end Kenwood, I can't remember.

But, for your application that dual seems to fit you. Granted, it has a lower RMS wattage than I would have liked for your application since you like bass, but if your after bluetooth and ipod controls built in, this is what your going to want for your price range.

In your case right now, your gonna have to sacrifice 1 of 2 things, either sacrifice functionality for sound quality, or sound quality for the funtionality. You can choose, but if you don't your gonna be spending $$.
Thanks for the advice. At this point I think anything will be much much better than the junk I have no, so I will probably go for the dual, save a few bucks (it is less than 140 on ebay) and the speakers you showed me. Having bluetooth and ipod are key since my ipod has everything and hands free is a law in NJ besides being the only thing that keeps me awake sometimes when I have a distance to go.

NiHaoMike - While your idea intrigues the part in me that loves to tinker, to be honest I would rather spend the money on a system and spend the extra few hours I save programming a new feature for EcoModder to share with you guys
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