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Question about battery selection for EV build

I know I sound like a broken record but I need to ask some more questions about batteries before I buy them.

I understand the voltage is dependent on the motor and controller I use (plan on using a 9-11" DC @ 144v)

Then I also understand that the aH (amp hour) rating will tell me how much work the battery can do over a given period of time.

HEre is my question. I've located a company that sells replacement PRius battery packs (LiFEPO4) for $900/each. They are rated at 48v/10aH. He states that 5 of these are needed to replace the entire prius battery pack. That would mean that the Prius battery is only rated at 50aH but higher voltage.

I have since found several other types of batteries of varying aH ratings and voltages. I do not know what to buy.

I've found 8v@ 3.2aH batteries VERY cheap and they only weigh 3lbs. I could put 36+ of these in my vehicle and save a TON of space and weight. My voltage would be in line but I'd only have 110aH or so. That's still double the Prius' so is that good? Do I need less Volts and more amps or more amps and less volts?

I've been wanting to order (12) Odyssey batteries but they have very low aH ratings (12v@13aH). I've heard these batteries are good starter batteries but don't have the depth of power to run an EV for more than a few minutes.

Someone in the know....TELL ME WHAT TO BUY!! (I'm working on a budget but don't want to buy crap.)

Toyota Prius Hybrid PHEV Lithium Ion LiFePO4 batteries :eBay Motors (item 280351225061 end time Jun-27-09 00:33:25 PDT)

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