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Getting the EV grin all over again!

I was wondering how removable this front panel is (or is it the back panel?). is it glued in place? with my new uController knowledge, I was thinking about putting together a quickie 4 sensor temperature probe. I'd take off this panel, wedge a thermistor into a gap so it touches a diode, another on a mosfet, glue one to a capacitor, and leave one outside the controller to measure ambient temp. They may not be perfectly accurate, but should be ballpark enough to get an idea what's goin on. I don't know anything about rs232 communications yet, but was thinking I could just have the readings cycle through on a 4 digit LED display.

Temperatures are my main concern and I think this could give us a little more insight into component temps. It could also help diagnose problems - if there are any!

I don't necessarily want to get way off topic with a whole discussion about this - just wondering if this panel provides access to the guts without dismantling the whole thing and if you see any problems with this plan.

I ordered some parts and'll hopefully put it together next week. I'll put a section in the wiki under 'testing' if it seems like it'll work.

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