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Hey Joe! I suppose you could solder the thermistor leads to the unused A/D conversion posts of the u-controller on the bottom of the control board. I think you should be able to get access without too much trouble. The dang control board will be soldered to the 10 gate resistors, which means it's sort of stuck where it is, but you would be able to bend it up on one side to attach the other temperature monitors underneath. It shouldn't be much trouble to get access to the various components either. hmm... I'll have to make a slight design change, but it's no problem at all. I hadn't thought of it until you mentioned wanting access. Thanks!

By the way, the serial port code is super super easy to do (in it's basic form). I haven't done the interrupt driven version yet. Adrian has some code on his RSVP thing (it's going to be OK paul... don't get angry) for a more robust serial communications code chunk.
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