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The point of running the H22 was that it would be in an extremely light package. If the engine makes up 40% of your total weight it matters alot(I'm working a custom build now and its definitely going to be at least 60% of my total weight). I think my example was for a 1400 ish #er, in which case even increasing 1/4 of the engine weight bumps up your entire car weight by about 7%.

If you're going to Race it (Enduro or otherwise) a custom could weigh as little as 800 lbs and a supercharger or turbo weighs alot less than 100-200 lbs. Not to mention some of the new guts for increased power are lighter than their stock counterparts so it runs more FE outside of the boost curve(or under super off the switch).

As far as pure cost goes. . .An imported Toyota 92-96 engine is about as cheap as they come with complete driveline. Go rip a turbo or supercharger from a junk yard and fab up your own stuff. Buy the new guts for about 2/3 of the price difference of it and your 3-4 liter engine and you have something very light very eco friendly and equivalent power when you want it.
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