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Ok, the squid I had to read the little wiki thing, because this is a Navy there's loads of the other kind...but the wiki article described a guy I work with...which makes me sad...but he's learning, so not-so-bad lol! What really gets me, atm, is that the only sportbikes I do like are the Ninjas...but I still want that gigantic Honda. And I already work on Honda cars every day, so...and I prefer that style of bike, though I dislike some of them (mostly the newer ones, with the speedo on the tank...>.<). Lucky for me, I'm after older/used either way, and if it really bugs me, I'm not against modifying things. I found a Ninja 250r today for $700...waay too far away for me to go take a look and I don't quite have the cash yet. I was sad >.< Now, well, that's what I get for pricing things before I've saved the money. Next month, bills might allow something like that to happen, and I've made a few arrangements to try and get away from using my dying car. What do you folks think that CB750 is worth, minus the front calipers? (they're GONE! I told a friend and he was they just have smaller pads...I had to tell him, very clearly, that they just weren't there...and had a great laugh at his expense)

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