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yo yo yo! Watt up, Watt? Yes, I'll definitely take pictures with Hondo's Enclosure on it! I can't wait! If I get that dang mill CNC-ized, we could come up with some really cool picture to etch onto aluminum plate before bending it into an enclosure! Wouldn't that be cool? Maybe a very very angry cougar for this version, or perhaps a little miss mosfet for another version, and also the O.P.R.A.H., which is the really really large and slow version. I'm guessing that one won't be a very popular option.

I started Ben's controller! ya! This time, I'm writing down my process step by step AND TAKING PICTURES (13 of Ben's process so far), trying to learn from my mistakes in Joe's process:
INSERTING THE VIAS to make a 3 ounce PCB act like 6 ounce

All Vias inserted. Also added some equivalent of 12 gauge stranded wire to help the 3 ounce board to stay cooler in critical spots.

Now, solder everything into place. Oops, I mean solder my finger. It smelled sort of good, like roast chicken.

Bottom Side soldered! (I'm getting better at soldering! ya!)

Top Side Soldered!

All those imperfections were from leaving the tin salts on there for like 1 hour while I tried to find some stupid cleaning stuff at the store.

Solder smoke gives you a headache! Use a fan!
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