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Good question.

AH meter in the car. Shunt type on the main.

Brusa charger also keeps a running charge total but in this case I was just interested in the highway numbers. Just had a 4 wheel alignment and it appears to be worth it from a "mpg" aspect if my math isn't in error. For the past few years I usually see about 1.3 AH per mile on the highway under similar conditions. i could see some tire wear but apparently it was a bigger hurt than I thought. So I know it is better but I was doing the mpg math and I think I was making some sort of input error.

Charger profile is going to input about 5% more than what is reading on the Ah meter. Or what ever I set the profile to. Right now it is set at 5%. Biggest trouble with using the numbers off of the charger is that it also keeps track of the float charge. Which of course is overhead but has very little to do with drive efficiency and more to do with how much it sits around doing nothing. Also my occasional decision as to precool or preheat the interior both of which are registered via the AH meter and the charger. I usually tough it out but my sweet wife likes a proper climate prior to leaving the garage.

102 degrees right now so I might even be inclined to cool it down some myself.
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