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That you, you guys for the kind works! My burn is already healed! The soldering iron was so hot, that it just vaporised the top callous layer, so now it makes an indent, but still has normal skin (no fingerprint though).

Hey Rick! I think that would make an excellent contact around the bolt, but the only problem is getting excellent contact along the whole bar. What seems to work the best for me is using electrically conductive silver epoxy resin on the bottom of each bus bar. it fills in all the air gaps, and even acts like a pretty strong electrically conductive glue. I get like 99% contact. The only problem is it is sort of expensive for a little container of it. The nice thing is, that little container is good for like 15 controllers, so it works out to costing maybe $2-$3 per controller, but it's not good for someone wanting to put their own controller together, if they had to buy a whole container of it just for 1 controller. Maybe they sell little baby syringes that could be filled with the stuff and included in a kit so people would only have to pay a few dollars instead of like $35 or something for extra that they wouldn't use?
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