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my latest project switching to E85!

well long time no see!
what have i been up to besides stomping on my stupid kiwi mpg? switching over to E85!
well so far so good. i've been mixing it in with my Regular gas (87 octane) couple gallons here and there the best mixture is around total mixture of E40 the car runs beautiful better then new E40 is about 5.5 gallons to a 14 gallon tank. i did 7.0 gallons which breaks down to around E55 the car didnt like that at all ive been keeping it @ E40 total mix.
E85- $2.32 gas $2.81
helping farmers ...and the car runs great!

Cons ....
one E85 station within 50 miles of me gotta love philadelphia! lucky its 4 miles away! limited in areas
if you mix the e85 wrong you will clog your fuel filter ....ease it in start with one gallon then add a gallon each fillup if your car starts to run rough burn out the tank if possible then run some premium you should be good my dad this he has a 21 gallon tank he put 16 gallons in first shot didnt cause a problem just ran a little rough.

overall i am happy the 105 octane keeps me happy within a month it will be converted then bye bye 87 octane!!!!

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