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I'll check a welding supply store! Thank you! There's one right down the street from me.

Ben working on Ben's controller. 47 new pictures. hehe. I also added the wires to Joe's. Now, I think Joe's just needs the software added. I'll need a few days to re-immerse myself into the code to know what the heck is going on. Then I'll start PI loop tuning again to get the throttle just right for Ben and Joe, now that I finally have a control section in my hot little mittens that's not a piece of junk!

Look, a bird went number 2 (and the dookie is levitating it appears)! No! That's silver conductive epoxy!

S.C.E. engaged!

Look at that friggen fancy bend.

Ya, that's super fun bending those stupid leads.

Holy cow that's fancy! You can't teach that. It's instinct!

Diode Soldering acknowledged!
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