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Originally Posted by theycallmeebryan View Post
I don't mean to sound rude, but you need some education on this stuff my friend.

E85 is more like 40,000 BTU's / gallon under gasoline (110,000 vs 70,000).

Upgrading spark plugs and wires is not really going to do anything for you, unless your current hardware is worn out. The advantage of higher octane fuel is that you can increase the ignition timing, or increase boost pressure in a turbo car, for more power (more cylinder pressure) without detonation occurance. Higher octane fuels also burn less efficiently.

The only good thing about E85 is that its american made and reduces the dependence on imported oil. If we could produce it efficiently and in mass quantities, it would be great. But we have already proved that we cant without significantly increasing the price of corn.
Or you could basically run the same static compression ratio as some less-powerful diesel engines... You can get more power from E100 than you can from Gasoline, even though the energy content isn't as high. E100 has significantly less BTU/gallon than Petrol Gasoline, but the Detonation Resistance is ~20% higher than the highest pump gas there is in USA. (93 for gas versus 115 for E100)

This means that you can run an insanely high comp ratio, extracting more power per stroke, thus more power per injection. You can equal gasoline's output more efficiently with compression that high.
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